Local Sewing Service - Santa Barbara Seamstress is available for all of your sewing needs!

Santa Barbara Seamstress

Available for hire by the hour or per project. I specialize in faux fur fashion and quilts, but love to sew a variety of projects. There are 7 easter eggs carefully hidden throughout this site. Can you find them?!

Customize a Unique Costume

Attention Music Festival Enthusiasts! You have arrived at the right place! Work with a local textile designer to design a look that is right for you.

T-shirt Quilts

Turn your clothes into a blanket! Do you have t-shirts you no longer wear, but can't seem to part with? Turn them into a functional piece of art that keeps you warm!

Santa Barbara Seamstress located at 513 Garden Street. Turquoise warehouse inside the SBCAST complex. Available by appointment only. Street parking, please!