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Santa Barbara Seamstress is available for hire!

I specialize in faux fur festival fashion and quilts but can conquer a variety of textile projects. I am interested in helping you with your sewing project. Currently, this is a one woman show. I design the pieces, sew them, recruit models, photograph the product, photoshop the images with fun backgrounds, and write the code to customize the WordPress template website.

I earned a Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree in Visual Communication with an emphasis in Graphic Design. I have been using these visual graphic design skills to create the 2-D branding. I enjoy Photoshop almost as much as sewing.

I graduated from Women's Economic Ventures (WEV) in May 2016 (with honors!). This entrepreneurial course taught me the basics of how to run my own business and how to write a business plan.


Megan Illgner is a seamstress in Santa Barbara known as “Santa Barbara Seamstress.” Hailing from the wholesome and hardworking Midwest, she transplanted to the west coast after earning a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Visual Communication from the University of Kansas.

She is currently incubating a sewing business at SBCAST and exploring the seemingly endless avenues of textiles. Having not yet decided which niche to specialize in, she is happy to work on a variety of projects. Her recent projects include everything from clothing alterations to costumes to quilts to bridal dresses to large scale shade structures and everything in between.

She does quite enjoy working with sequins and faux fur for music festival fashion and gets a real kick out of watching people transform.

While sewing at a hundred miles an hour in the studio she enjoys listening to random documentaries, TED talks, Bill Hicks stand-up comedy, old TOOL albums, and 90s episodes of The Simpsons. Her goal as a seamstress is to become an expert at all things related to textiles. She studies fabrics, stitches, sewing machines, garment construction, patterns, color relationships, and how to actually turn a passionate lifelong hobby into a business. She is currently working on "The Autobiography of Megan Illgner," the book she was born to write.


Megan at the Garment District in Los Angeles


Mending is better than ending.

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Worst Day Ever

This journey hasn't always been smooth so I will tell you about my worst day ever. I arrived at a music festival to sell some furry orange tiger hoods. At the beginning of the day I had 10 tiger hoods. And at the end of the day? At the end of the day I had 12 tiger hoods. That was my worst day ever.

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Sewing & Design Tools


Tools - I use a White Superlock Serger model 1934D


Tools - I use a Janome Harmony 2049 Machine for basic sewing


Tools - These are the tools that I use to create custom sewing design projects.