Clothing Portfolio

These clothes were designed and constructed by Santa Barbara Seamstress. 

Megan Illgner models a pink flip sequin tiger hoodMark GoernerJohnny-Sacko-Bell-Bottoms-Jeff-Shelton-Fabric66Corinna-Maharani-pink-flip-sequin-cape51Bryan-Snyder-Black-Sequin-Cape04Bryan-Snyder-Green-Cape02Elizabeth-Davidson-Blue-OnesiePink PanthressCape-Scott-Walker12Cape-Dee6Coat-Dre2Tiger Furkini modeled by Veronica MoffittCoat-Blue-5Cape-Pink3Purple-Coat3Lucidity13Sean1-editRon Glover wearing a dress shirt designed for a wedding in HawaiiWhite Cat and Phoenix Sculpture

The following images show more detailed views of each final product as well as some of the process work. There are many steps involved to create each costume.



Mark Goerner, a business man (as his hat clearly indicates), models a reversible cape while standing on the Pyrobar at the Lucidity Festival in the Santa Barbara Mountains.

Mark Goerner, a business man (as his hat clearly indicates), models a reversible cape while standing on the Pyrobar at the Lucidity Festival in the Santa Barbara Mountains.


Johnny Sacko commissioned custom hip hugger bell bottom pants for Summer Solstice celebrations. He went to local architect Jeff Shelton and selected a blue flower pattern and had the design printed onto white fabric. He then brought the fabric to me and together we designed some spectacular pants!


Johnny-Sacko-Bell-Bottoms-Jeff-Shelton-Fabric12Johnny-Sacko-Bell-Bottoms-Jeff-Shelton-Fabric09 copyJohnny-Sacko-Bell-Bottoms-Jeff-Shelton-Fabric68

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Corinna was born and raised in Germany and fell in love with Ayurveda, the ancient, holistic medicine system from India, in her late teens. She migrated to the USA to deepen her studies in Ayurveda and study liberal arts, in the wholesome Midwest in the late 80s. (This was not her fashion peek period!). She now lives and practices in Santa Barbara. 25 years later, she is still a passionate student of Ayurveda but just dates a liberal artist now (he is the wind beneath her cape). Her other loves are her doggy, Winston, and her mighty bunny, Zeus. For the past 15 years, she has been deeply involved with Fishbon, an arts community responsible for much fabulous art and shenanigans both in Santa Barbara and South America. Her “super power” lies in creating healing environments, especially on the go, and being the world’s greatest hostess.


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Bryan Snyder, 5th Earl of Mission Canyon, left the rolling hills of upstate New York in 1995 and spent two decades teaching natural sciences at outdoor schools across the country before establishing his dominion on the West Coast. “In a Black Flip-Sequin Cape by SB Seamstress,” says Bryan, “I don’t have to lift a finger. The peasantry practically subjugates itself.” His exploits tempting fate in the Great American Wilderness can be discovered at

Bryan-Snyder-Black-Sequin-Cape09Bryan-Snyder-Black-Sequin-Cape04Bryan-Snyder-Black-Sequin-Cape05Bryan-Snyder-Black-Sequin-Cape06 Bryan-Snyder-Black-Sequin-Cape11

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Bryan-Snyder-Green-Cape05Bryan-Snyder-Green-Cape07Bryan-Snyder-Green-Cape02Bryan-Snyder-Green-Cape15 Bryan-Snyder-Green-Cape11

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Elizabeth-Davidson-Blue-OnesieElizabeth-Davidson-Blue-OnesieElizabeth Davidson models a customized blue onesie.

Elizabeth Davidson models a customized blue onesie

Click here to see the image that inspired this blue onesie. WARNING: you can’t unsee it!

Elizabeth Davidson models a customized blue onesie with sparkle cape! It makes the clouds happy :)

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Tiger Furkini modeled by Veronica Moffitt

Tiger Furkini – Modeled by Veronica Moffitt, this costume was designed for prowling around music and art festivals. First, I covered a bikini was covered with synthetic tiger fur. Then I made a tiger hood with ears to transform the head. A furry vest with interior velcro pockets gives the wearer a place to put their money and keys. A tail was added to the bikini to blend the cat characteristics. Wrist cuffs and leg warmers complete the look, creating a hybrid tiger/sexy babe.

Tiger Furkini modeled by Veronica Moffitttiger6tiger-hood

Who Wore it Better? Tiger vs Tiger

The results are in!


Andrea Pavic is an Occupational Therapist at Cottage Hospital. She commissioned me to design this furry coat for her. This faux fur coat was designed for music and camping festivals. The plush fur is trimmed with gold sparkles and includes 2 pockets on the front to keep the hands warm.


Garment construction process work.

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Cape-Pink1-starburst Cape-Pink2 Cape-Pink3 Cape-Pink4

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This sparkle cape is reversible! The green and black fabrics are reversed on the opposite side. The gold trim follows the edge around the entire cape.


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Pink Panthress Costume

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This purple fur cape doubles as a blanket while camping. It can wrap around the body and button under the chin, or spread out flat in a cozy tent. Our animals are so nosy that we just decided to let them be in the shots.


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Loin Cloth Costume. The strap across the chest has pockets that are big enough to hold an identification card. The loin cloth has a back pocket tucked inside as well. This is a great garment for warm weather.


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Ron Glover wearing a dress shirt designed for a wedding in Hawaii

Ron Glover commissioned a shirt to wear to Hawaii. Together we designed a sleeveless shirt that open in the center and ties shut with a scarf.

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This heavy faux fur coat was designed to coordinate with school colors so it could be worn to basketball sporting events. The outside of the coat has 2 pockets, one for each hand. The inside, however, is lined with a variety of pockets. Most of the pockets have buttons or velcro so that items do not fall out when the coat is draped over a chair. There are several large pockets designed specifically to hold beer!


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This long coat was designed to keep the core body warm. However, we decided to leave off the sleeves because he “runs hot”. This garment is great for music and camping festivals when the temperatures drop but the dancing generates warmth.


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This white fur-kini was designed for Burning Japan. 私は白猫です

White-Cat6-squareWhite Cat with eyes

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Cape-Scott-Walker12Cape-Scott-Walker3Cape-Scott-Walker2Faux Fur Cape with stripesCape-Scott-Walker9Cape-Scott-Walker4Cape-Scott-Walker6Cape-Scott-Walker8

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This shirt was designed for the stage manager at the Lucidity Music Festival at Live Oak Campground. Various fabrics were applied to a plain black collared shirt. Client provided patches from the festival to be represented on the shirt.


Back side of stage manager shirt with Lucidity Festival patches.


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