Fun Links

Fun links and videos to prevent boredom

the center for kids who can’t read good and wannna learn how to do other stuff good too

SBCAST – Santa Barbara Center for Art, Science, Technology

SBCAST – The Santa Barbara Independent Article

Sew Santa Barbara website with lots of festival clothing brands!

DreamLife Apparel

Fest 300 – The World’s Best Festivals

The Festival Guy – Your music and arts festival guide

Photoshop Tutorials – Cool Text Effects

Smart Scholar – Computer Science Education Resource Guide

CodeCademy – Teach yourself web code

Cute Guys vs. Cats (greatest website ever?)

Heeeeeey! Hoooooooo!

A Day in the Life of Santa Barbara

Santa Barbara isn’t real

Me. Every morning. 5am sharp.

My friend Johnny Law demonstrates the lighting app he designed at developed at SBCAST

Maharani Ayurveda – Healing Service in Santa Barbara, CA

Bird enjoys Q-tip massage too much.

Tarp Surfing – By Art Gimbel


Dumb and Dumber – Inception Style

Turf Dancing in the Rain

Prince Steals the Show. And where does his guitar go after he throws it???

One of the raddest videos ever! Like, totally.

Beastie Boys – Fight For Your Right – Revisited

Bill Hicks – Its Just A Ride