Random Sewing Projects


Custom Slip Cover for a Recliner Chair


Custom Slipcover – For this project I designed and sewed a custom slipcover to fit over a reclining armchair.


Custom Slipcover – For this project I designed and sewed a custom slipcover to fit over a reclining armchair.


Process Work – The back side of the fabric had a smooth rubbery texture. I used a permanent marker to draw where seams needed to be. I also used little symbols to indicate where separate pieces needed to match up so that I could stay accurate while sewing.


Hey! Remember when we were kids and we pretended like the floor was lava so we hopped from one piece of furniture to another? I went ahead and illustrated that game for no particular reason.

Gold Sparkle Cape Project… for a bunny


Animals like to dress up, too! I was commissioned to create some fashion for this little creature.

SBCAST – Blackout Curtains Project


Process Work – To begin this project I was given a highly detailed and sophisticated rendering of measurements. The client spent upward of 5 whole minutes to create this sketch.


Process Work – I worked directly in the studio which was great because I could reference the actual windows when needed. But the material I was working with is white and needed to stay clean. So we taped a big piece of fabric to the floor and worked on top of that.


Process Work – This is an image of one curtain in production. Realizing that the edges of the curtains would encounter stress from being attached to velcro, which would pull on the fabric, I created a border and used a zig-zag stitch to frame the entire piece. The velcro was then attached on top of the border.


Final Product – We used velcro to attach the curtains to the windows. Velcro was attached to the metal window frames with a sticky backed velcro. The other side of the velcro was sewn to the curtains. The 2 outer curtains attach directly to the middle curtain so that the overlap of materials would prevent light from seeping through.