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Designed by Megan (Santa Barbara Seamstress) in Photoshop

Santa Barbara Seamstress Flyer-Pink- SB Seamstress
Santa Barbara Seamstress Flyer-Orange- SB Seamstress
Santa Barbara Seamstress Flyer-Blue- SB Seamstress

Newspaper Advertising

Santa Barbara Seamstress advertisements are in The Santa Barbara Independent newspaper.

Halloween advertisement
Halloween advertisement
Halloween advertisement

Sewing Workshop - Promotional Flyers

These flyers were designed to advertise an open sewing class that was held at the Fishbon Pescadrome on Sundays from June 2015-June 2016. It ran for one year. It was hosted by Megan. All skill levels were welcome to explore textiles and sewing machines.

Santa Barbara Seamstress Flyer
Sewing Workshop - Pins & Needles - Halloween Flyer
October Flyer - Sewing Class - Pins & Needles